Tips and Guidance for Book 1:

Bullying involves a more powerful person or group oppressing a less powerful person or group. It can take many forms, from direct physical and direct verbal to psychological, social, sexual and the most current one, cyber bullying.

Parents need to be actively monitoring their childs behaviors in his or her environments in order to prevent their child from becoming a bully or being a victim of bully. It is extremely important that parents take time to teach children honorable values. Research has shown that large portions of a childs values are formed by the age of 8. Please do not delegate this crucial role to school or other assistance at home. Values should not only be preached to children, but instead, values should be shown to them through examples set by parents.

Be sensitive and beware of sudden changes in your childs behaviors or any signs that occur, especially when your child is a victim of bully.

Assist your child to realize and acknowledge his or her own mistakes or bad deeds. Certain values cannot be understood by a child until they reach a certain age or maturity. Help them to understand that even good and small things like his or her fingers, can be bad when used inappropriately. Assist your child to apologize when making mistakes.

Simply teach your child to be a better person, and help them prove that BEING NICE IS AWESOME!
Value Guidance for Book 2:

Parents need to help children to be responsible over his or her own mistakes. Simply put, DON'T BLAME OTHERS FOR YOUR OWN MISTAKES! Enable your child to be able to see other perspectives, and take out the positive learning lessons even from the negative experiences.

Parents need to actively support their children's creativity, and be living examples of what they teach. Children are often the reflection of their parents, therefore, what you say and what you do will be reflected back on what your children say and do.

Simple fun and creative family activities can create stronger and closer bonds between parents and children. It can contribute immensely to the formative years of your children where your inputs will make the most impact on your child's minds.
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