The 171st Soul Snacks by Didgit's Interactive Comic Strip
Dear Friends,
The 171st interactive comic strip for my "Soul Snacks by Didgit" have been uploaded to my Facebook and Twitter/ Twitpic's accounts on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

Each one of us is unique in every way. We have our own individual styles. The way we express ourselves is another uniqueness. How we show our feelings when we miss someone we love is one example. Here, you could see how Fuzzy expressed himself. What do you do when you miss your loved ones?

If you have your unique story like this or other interesting stories, please share them on my Facebook account (Go to my web: and click the Facebook's icon on the lower right hand side) or my Twitter/ Twitpic's account @cobbleheart. I can make them into cool comic formats like this one.

"Soul Snacks by Didgit" is a weekly interactive comic strip that will be available on my Facebook and Twitter/ Twitpic's accounts every Wednesday! Stay tune for the next edition, or better, send me your ideas so you can show your friends your own comic strip!

Truly Yours,